The book tour continues... check out New Mexico and Arizona

posted: May 16, 08:18 PM

the hermanmobile has successfully made its way through NEW MEXICO and ARIZONA. i believe one of the great offerings of the west is all of the hot springs, and herman got to experience his first one in a small town in NM called TRUTH or CONSEQUENCES. now the only thing is that if there is a mineral springs anywhere along the way, you better believe that we will be stopping in for a soak.


many of you know i have had a desire to create a wellness/community center for years called “SOULSHINE”. well, you can now find herman’s journey in BODY in SANTA FE, NM which is this is closest thing i have ever seen to my vision. it is a true honor to have our book in this store and i will look forward doing an event there on my return tour in july.


up next was TAOS,NM. all i have to say is that i didn’t want to leave this town. so far, this was one of my favorite stops along the way. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!! i met some amazing people and stayed in my new friend jenny’s house that she built herself. if you ever find yourself in this groovy little town, make your way to The Love Apple and dine on some of the best food around:)


in SEDONA,AZ, i was honored to stay with the man and brains behind the BOOM WHACKER. you heard me….these fun colorful tubes are designed to play in different keys and are fun for kids of all ages. just like herman’s journey.


PRESCOTT, AZ was an extra special town for me because benjy and heather invited me to sing with them during the kirtan. what a honor to sing along with some musicians that i have loved and admired for many years. you all know how much i love music, however i have never really performed in front of a large group…microphone and all:) so this has been a wonderful addition to running the merch table at all of the events. now, i have found myself even more excited about the kirtans as i have continued to sing with them and will be for the rest of the tour. i feel incredibly honored and truly blessed.


kaaren joined the tour for PHOENIX and TUCSON. it was so nice to have her out here for a few days. people just loved meeting the actual illustrator of the book.


unfortunately, the floods hit nashville while kaaren was away and her studio apartment downtown was significantly effected. she has had an abundance of love and support as she has cleared things out of her apartment and her attitude has been amazing. to add some herman magic to the story, the original paintings of the book survived the floods and were found with hardly ANY damage. along with that, the prayer book that we used for “Herman’s memorial service” in our book was found perfectly dry and untouched by the 6 feet of water that filled her apartment. it has been very hard to be away from nashville during this time and know that i am sending my home town nothing but love.

next up CALIFORNIA!!!!!!
herman is excited to get his toes in the sand.


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  1. Amazing photos ‘Mina, I have never set foot in a hot spring. Um yeah, that needs to change!

    Isn’t the Southwest just so amazing and beautiful? Honestly, as much I love the hills and green of Music City, I am just in awe of the landscape every time I visit my in-laws in AZ. A different kind of beauty I guess.

    We miss you my friend. Can’t wait to see your cute face, but I’m happy to hear that the journey is going so well!

    Heather Eats Almond Butter · May 15, 08:10 AM · #

  2. Last year 922 Pies. This year 1,060 pies or 6360 slices. 4475 people.


    — Jimmie Carder · May 16, 07:05 PM · #

  3. Well, I had to wait all the way till Jamina got to Arcata in the Hermanmobile. She and Benjy and Heather and a wonderful bass player whose name I forgot played an incredible concert at the Yoga Center. I finally got to meet Jamina and buy a copy of Herman’s Journey for my Grandson Noah. I got him a Herman bookmark/fingerpuppet too. Thanks everyone. Love Grampa Habib Rob Sadler

    — Habib Rob Sadler · May 21, 01:36 AM · #

  4. Hello, My sister and i were camped at Richerson Grove next to you. We were trying to figure out what the deal was with the large buterfly on the side of the car was. Now that I have checked out your site i regret not inviting you over for a cup o’ joe. Hope you have a safe trip and enjoy the beauty of northern california.

    — Bryan Lomeli · May 24, 06:28 PM · #

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