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posted: Apr 21, 05:57 PM

well, it is official…herman is on the road again. it has been such a joy sharing the story with so many of you that we decided we needed to head out west and let herman FLY. since the release of HERMAN’S JOURNEY last october, kaaren and i have experienced so much JOY from this little caterpillar and have been delighted to tell this story to many people all around the world. it has transformed our lives and in ways that we will forever be grateful. we kicked off the SPRING BOOK TOUR on st. patrick’s day in HUNTINGTON, WV at my family’s restaurant called JIM’S STEAK & SPAGHETTI HOUSE.


following that it was time to head out west in THE HERMANMOBILE. that’s right…we had the original car that the story took place in wrapped in images from the book/website/etc and that is what will be taking me cross country. kaaren joined me for the first leg of the trip and wouldn’t you know that our first stop was in a town called HERMANN,MO!!!!! it was hilarious…we honestly thought we were dreaming.

DSC_0060 DSC_0063

so off we went to COLORADO where we drove through boulder’s BIGGEST storm in a 24 hour time period. thank goodness we were safe in the HERMANMOBILE:) we were welcomed at our lovely bed and breakfast called the BRIAR ROSE INN, where we stayed for a week and finished up the final edits for the second edition of herman’s journey. we spent part of a day at RED ROCKS ELEMENTARY where we showed them how it’s done “HERMAN STYLE”. our event was filled with MUSIC, SINGING, DANCING and DRUMMING. plus the teachers love when we end the event with the kids in savasana(deep relaxation:)

DSC_0038 DSC_0046

unfortunatley, kaaren had to return to nashville and i hit the streets marketing the book to local stores. just to share a little herman magic….the kind folks at ARAPAHOE DENTAL gave me a free teeth cleaning as their way of supporting the journey. thanks again:)

before joining SHANTALA, the amazing kirtan group that i am touring with this spring, i decided to head to southern utah to one of my favorite places in this country. ZION NATIONAL PARK should be added to the top of your “places to go” list if it isn’t already.


there i met up with fella named jamie who i met in massage school over 8 years ago and we haven’t seen each other since. i got to break in my new camera and offered to barter with THE DREAM CATCHER INN B&B for some new pics on their website that should be updated soon. in addition, we ate like queens and kings and were filled up with donna’s yummie sauces. we did some canyoneering thanks to my peeps at ZION ADVENTURE COMPANY and spent a few days in the backcountry where i got bit by the bug. the backcountry camping bug that is:) jamie was very patient with me while i repacked my backpack several times shedding things that i obviously didn’t need. this was a life lesson for me that i hope to apply to other aspects of my life. LESS IS MORE!!!! herman enjoyed his very first backpacking experience and i can’t wait to plan my next trip.


on my way out of town i was invited to share the journey with the kids at SPRINGDALE ELEMENTARY. what a treat!!! below is a picture of one of the fine stores in springdale that carries the book. stop in, pick some apples and pick up your own copy of herman.


next it was time to meet up with BENJY and HEATHER WERTHEIMER of SHANTALA. this is a kirtan group that i have adored and admired for many years. actually, herman’s journey is infused with their album SRI and it was actually playing when we were first in contact with herman on our original drive to chattanooga. so the intention of the tour is for me to help out with their merchandise table and in return i get to sell herman at all of their events. PRETTY AMAZING!!!!! also, my plan is to line up bookstores/gift shops/yoga studios in all of the towns and cites we will be traveling through.


on my way to meet benjy and heather, there was more herman magic in utah. a cop that pulled me over for going 56 in a 40 and said, “so what is the journey?” (this is in response to the hermanmobile of course) i told him i was on a book tour for a children’s book and he let me go with a warning by saying…“children’s books are important things, be safe out there”.

so, we have completed the first leg of the tour and it everything has gone beautifully. if you have friends or family in COLORADO or UTAH, you can let them know where they can pick up their own copy of herman’s journey.



now it is time to change states and head into NEW MEXICO. you will have to check back and see what kind of herman magic happens here:)
until then,
be WELL and remember herman’s words of wisdom:


jamina & herman

ps. you can also follow the journey by becoming a fan of herman’s journey on facebook

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  1. Wow, super job on the blog. I got a real sense of your journey and loved the cop story. Can’t wait for the next one.

    Corrine Champigny · Apr 22, 12:50 PM · #

  2. I love how people just seem to fall in love with Herman. It’s like they can’t help themselves. That cute little caterpillar got you a free teeth cleaning AND out of a speeding ticket. He has quite an effect on people, no? :)

    Poor Richards – such a cool little shop in Colorado Springs. Oh how I miss that magical state!

    Thanks for sharing all your adventures with us. :)

    Heather Eats Almond Butter · Apr 22, 06:38 PM · #

  3. Now I REALLY feel like I am part of the journey!!! Keep the posts coming…with the great photos!

    — Danielle · Apr 22, 10:13 PM · #

  4. I love the updates. I want you to know your wings are beautiful and we really miss you in Huntington, WV.

    — Juanita · May 5, 11:01 PM · #

  5. Had a GREAT time with you in Hollywood Hills! Keep the journey going!

    Noma Paulsen · May 11, 08:41 PM · #

  6. Hey! Are you coming to Colorado Springs next week?

    — Don Goede · May 13, 03:54 PM · #

  7. We saw the Hermanmobile headed North on I-5 yesterday (May 31st) while we were heading home to Oregon after visiting family in Cali. Will you be having any events in Oregon soon? Your story and illustrations are perfect for kids, and I have 3 I know would like to read your book. I will be finding a copy for us soon! Happy trails to you, Jamina and Kaaren!

    — Emily H. · Jun 1, 11:51 AM · #

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