Herman travels to California/Oregon

posted: Jun 28, 08:54 PM

i am still trying to find my groove with the whole blogging world. my dear friend HEATHER is a pro blogger and she suggested not making the post too long. well, sorry heather, this is going to be a long one. i just have TOO much fun stuff to share with you guys.
california and oregon were the last states we hit on the book tour. so of course, herman got to go hollywood. here i met up with one of my mom’s dear friends, noma.


as i had mentioned in the last post, benjy and heather invited me to sing response at the kirtans in addition to running the merch table and selling herman’s journey. this was such an amazing opportunity and as you can see below,herman got to sing along too….


my old high school friend adrea (aka BUBS), lives in venice and so i got to spend some fun time with her. oddly enough, zinara, one of the stores that agreed to carry the book, is located right next door to a “herbal pharmacy”. CRAZY stuff i tell ya…


next is was time to head north. the hermanmobile traveled up the coast on hwy one on a beautiful clear day. i needed to make a stop to have a snack and stretch and i had no clue what would happen next. i pulled over next to a field covered in poppies and was minding my own business when this man approached me with….“who is herman?”. i will say that this kind of thing happens all the time and i have been blessed to meet people that i might not have otherwise. this man, named henry, was one of a kind…he lived right there on the coast just about 30 miles from big sur. we got to chatting and next thing i know he is escorting me up to his “outdoor toilet”. the best part was the sign that said…“remove frog before using toilet:)”.
he then continued to give me the tour of his property, several times reminding me that people stop off in front of his land ALL day long, but the hermanmobile caught his eye and felt extra special. so thanks again henry for providing me with some beautiful pics of the california coast and a pit stop that will forever be remembered.


our next event was at
SHAKTI YOGA SHALA which was one of my favorite locations of the whole tour. beautiful setting, kind people and we got to bless their home with a night of chanting to welcome their new baby into the world.

DSC_0072 DSC_0084

early on, i had made the decision that i needed a uniform for when we do herman events for kids. well, it just goes to show the power of setting intentions and manifesting because one day while shopping in a store called MILK and HONEY in SEBABSTPOL, CA i found the perfect “hermansuit”. you would have thought that i talked to the woman that designed it and gave her specifics on the book and what we are all about. it is the perfect blend of caterpillar meets butterfly!!! i can’t wait to wear it for our events and i think i am going to make some butterfly wings to go along with it.


basil is an old friend from heartwood that i was fortunate to spend a significant amount of time with. towards the end of the tour as my steam was starting to run low, he filled me laughter, play, a good listening ear and a fresh perspective. thanks again basil for being one of the highlights of my journey. FYI…he is the only person i know that rocks a “stand alone mustache” well:)


this rainbow came at just the right time!!! i personally believe in signs and i encourage you all to listen to what life is telling you:)


the spring tour for shantala officially ended in arcata, ca. this is a group shot of the crew that night after the kirtan….benjy,brent,heather,me and barkley (our tour manager:)


it wouldn’t be right to not stop off in the redwoods….
can you find herman in this tree?


next, the journey took me south to the bay area. this next adventure was one i will never forget. basically, it was late on a friday night and i didn’t have a place to stay. i ended up stopping in a party and met some local folks and one of them offered their sailboat as a place for me to stay. i couldn’t resist, as sailing has been high on my list as things to explore. well, herman and i had a peaceful night on the water and wouldn’t you know the next day we got to take the boat out sailing. first time at the helm for me, and i must say i am totally hooked and can’t wait to go again. thanks again martijn!!!!


next up…OREGON!!!!!
i fell in love with the state. so lush and beautiful, full of open-minded people, packed full of yummie restaurants and farmers’ markets and just downright good.
portland is homebase for benjy, heather and barkely so we spent a few days there before heading to BREITENBUSH for a workshop called “the path of kirtan”. this was a great exploration of the practice of kirtan/bhakti yoga where we all got to explore our voices and open our hearts.
PLUS, soaking and steaming in hot mineral pools all day isn’t too bad either.
below are just some of the friends we made….
they love herman too!!!!

DSC_0238 DSC_0259

how cute does benjy look in my straw hat? i must say these two individuals have inspired me in so many different ways. i am forever grateful to them for including me on their spring tour and making me part of the family. the way they live their lives with such authenticity and grace is unbelievable. i will cherish and the memories that were created for the rest of my life. herman is happy too….he now is in over 50 stores in the country and had the experience of a lifetime traveling the country in “the hermanmobile”….where the journey originally began.


after exactly 3 months on the road, it’s time to head back to tennessee.
in the next post, i will fill you in on my “landing” and what’s up next for herman’s journey. until then, keep spreading those wings….

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  1. Jamina,
    Can’t believe you and Herman have been touring for 3 months – what an amazing adventure, and I loved reading about all the people you’ve encountered. I think I would love Henry, and I want to meet his toilet frog. Hehe.

    Thanks for sharing, and this post wasn’t too long at all. I enjoyed every word and all the photos as well. That last one of you is beautiful – such a cool picture.

    I’m excited to see your face soon!

    Heather Eats Almond Butter · Jun 29, 10:07 AM · #

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