Herman travels to California/Oregon

posted: Monday June 28, 2010

i am still trying to find my groove with the whole blogging world. my dear friend HEATHER is a pro blogger and she suggested not making the post too long. well, sorry heather, this is going to be a long one. i just have TOO much fun stuff to share... read more

The book tour continues... check out New Mexico and Arizona

posted: Sunday May 16, 2010

the hermanmobile has successfully made its way through NEW MEXICO and ARIZONA. i believe one of the great offerings of the west is all of the hot springs, and herman got to experience his first one in a small town in NM called TRUTH or CONSEQUENCES.... read more

Spring Book Tour

posted: Wednesday April 21, 2010

well, it is official…herman is on the road again. it has been such a joy sharing the story with so many of you that we decided we needed to head out west and let herman FLY. since the release of HERMAN’S JOURNEY last october, kaaren and... read more