Kaaren & Jamina

posted: Friday June 18, 2010

“Kaaren and Jamina were good friends. They liked to do things together.”

These two friends set out on a road trip that turned into quite an adventure. This was just the beginning of a friendship that they will both cherish forever.


Jamina has been searching for a ling time to find a way to allow her soul to shine. Herman’s Journey has done just that. Tying in so many of her favorite things such as yoga, music, singing, dancing and drumming… but most importantly it has taught her to FLY. For many years Jamina has had several interests ranging from massage therapy and bodywork, photography, floral design, cooking, labor and birth support. Most of all she loves people – connecting people, meeting strangers and being with everyone young and old alike. Herman’s Journey began on a road trip to a Kirtan. This is a form of Bhakti yoga which has played a significant roll in Jamina’s spiritual life. It had deepened her connection to the Divine and taught her to trust the process and surrender into the flow of life.


Kaaren loves everything about making art – absolutely everything! As a visual artist, Kaaren creates paintings and sculptures with a variety of media and found objects, often incorporating words into her paintings. She particularly enjoys the installations she composes with her paper sculptures. Kaaren is also a student of yoga and has been teaching for several years. In 2008 she attended her frist kirtan and has been an avid fan every since. Kaaren’s journey has taken her to far away places, where she enjoys art, yoga, kirtan and different cultures. Herman’s Journey is her first children’s book.

To see Kaaren’s art and installations, visit www.kaarenengel.com